At White & Hue, we value the trust which you place in us. This is why we make it a point to set the right kind of standards for the sake of ensuring secure transactions and even keeping the customer information private. The privacy policy is subject to changes without any kind of prior notice.

Collecting Personally Identifiable Information

All the personally identifiable information like the name, email address and even phone number which we collect from you when you sign up for a free account at White & Hue are collected and stored securely. There are a few segments of the website which you can access even as unregistered users but for the rest of it, you will need to register like while placing an order. We use your contact details to send you offers based on your order history and interests.

Using the Demographic and Profile Data

We make use of the personal information in order to tailor the services we offer. We use this information to handle the different troubles faced by the customers, collect the fees which they own, measure the interest in the products and/or services offered and even inform the customers about our online and offline offers. The idea here is to customize the experience of the end users and make it even better.

In our bid to improve the services offered, we analyze the demographics thoroughly and even the data of the profile users. We identify and even use the IP address to check and rectify the problem with the server and even for administering the website as well.


A cookie is essentially a tiny little piece of information which is stored by the web server on the browser such that it can be read back from the browser later on. Cookies can help the browser in remembering the information which pertains to a specific user.

White & Hue makes it a point to place both the temporary and permanent cookies and the hard drive of the computer. The cookies do not contain any of the personally identifiable information.

Security Precautions

White & Hue has the strongest security precautions in place. This helps us in ensuring there is no loss, alteration, and misuse of any information at our end. Whenever you make any alteration in your personal details, we recommend you do it on a secure server. The information stored at our end is always done while adhering to the best security guidelines to prevent unauthorized access.


White & Hue offers all users the option to opt out of receiving promotional and marketing communications from us and even our partner accounts.


If you still have more questions for us, you can always write to us at One of our support team members will get back to you shortly.